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Prose. Poems. A Novel

Image of Prose. Poems. A Novel

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Collection of stories that when pulled together tell a fascinating story of a young man's journey. With full color illustrations from Christy Call, this debut effort from Atlanta's Jamie Iredell is a classic in the making.

California cameras eyeball a Western landscape. The distant mesas are enormous tables. A gangly actor—and by this I mean that under the make-up, in real life, he is fat, short, and pimplefaced— saunters into the saloon, swinging his dusty be-pistoled leg, the bar backgrounded, miles away. The patrons hush—even the piano sitter, who adorns an unplaying piano, for the Stephen Foster will later be dubbed in. Cut. I’ll smoke this cigar. Give me a damsel. Someone guzzle a beer. This should be Atlanta, ca. 2006. Towers tower for a skyline. Now this is a
Western. The script begins: A whiskered goon at a notepad. Tumbleweeds. Crickets.

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